Friday, April 22, 2016


THE FIRST TGIF THAT'S ACTUALLY ON FRIDAY LOL. Or I hope I post it by Friday. Currently writing this post on a Wednesday in my anatomy class while my crazy teacher is rambling about the immune system. "If you believe in reincarnation, don't wish to be a macrophage. It's a selfless job." - Wendy Slijk

LIFE IS GOOD! I just came back from an incredible trip to the bay area visiting Berkeley and San Francisco with my breadmate Michelle. Although I was certainly excited for it, the 3 days that I spent with my friends exploring the area was beyond anything I imagined. And that's saying something, because I've been excited about this trip since last year when I found out that 2 of my friends were going to attend Berkeley. It takes a hell of a trip to overcome a year of hyping. 

Be on the lookout for a detailed post on everything we did around Berkeley and SF! We did not have one bad meal there, so get ready for some food porn and my overly sexual sentences that make me sound insane. Food does that to me.

But can we just talk about how April literally FLEW by? HOW THE HECK IS IT ALMOST MAY?!?!?! And for the first time in my entire high school career, I can say I'm excited for AP testing. BECAUSE NOTHING MATTERS ANYMORE. For a second semester senior, AP testing = ditch days one after another. My friends and I are planning a sunrise sleepover and prom shopping. Life is good guys.

What are some things that you guys are looking forward to? Please comment! I would love to read. Spread your happiness.

link love
a scientific justification for my relationship with bread.


Putting all of these on my to-read list.

I love Joy's writing, such a fun post.

Oatmeal has never looked that appetizing to me, but after trying it for the first time at Berkeley, I'm hooked. It doesn't even really taste amazing but I just love it. And it's so versatile!

Talking about oatmeal, this one sounds AMAZING.

These measuring spoons are beyond adorable.

The post that sparked my recent obsession with home decor and interior design. My heart cries all these houses are so freaking beautiful. 

Floor to ceiling windows are definitely something I want in my dream home.

the latest pins
the amount of chew and flavor these cookies have though. 

I sampled a lavender flavored gelato the last time I was at Bobboi, and I loved it. This ice cream looks delishhhhh.

Recently bought some peanut butter after craving it for months on end. Also realized I've never baked with any nut butters before. It's about time I did.

the weekly trader hoe's
For this week's trader joe's, I was looking for a good snack to munch on throughout my trip to the bay area. The Cheddar Rocket Crackers were a perfect choice. Basically a better version of Goldfish. The cheese flavor is spot on, and you gotta love the cute shape that doesn't really look like a rocket but is still adorable because it's trader joe's. And the serving size is like 50 crackers, so you don't have to feel guilty for constantly munching on this addictive snack.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a killer weekend.

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