Monday, April 11, 2016


I know it's not Friday. Sadly it's Monday. Procrastination is an issue.

But, I have somewhat of a justifiable excuse for this late post. I spent Thursday and Friday in LA visiting USC and UCLA, which was super fun. Walking around the universities made college seem so much more real and tangible, because I haven't really even fully wrapped my head around the fact that I even applied to college. Like what. Feels like I was a little itty bitty freshman days ago.

The past months have felt like a dream. The days of endless cramming and preparation for college are over. I'm hanging out with friends more than ever, and am finally appreciating the wonderful perks of living in beautiful San Diego after 17 years of living under a rock. It's been so great, but also slightly sad that everything is whizzing by so fast. I only have one quarter of high school left!?!?! 

Super excited for this week though!! Going to visit Berkeley with my breadmate Michelle! So ready to eat my butt off, starting with McDonald's breakfast at 4 AM in the airport. And I haven't been to San Francisco since I was like 4, so I am soooo pumped to explore the city with my friends. 

things i've been loving
The past week was spring break, which I started off with endless Netflix. If you love food and documentaries, you need to watch Cooked. I watched the episode on Air, which talks all about bread, from the science aspect to the environmental and economic aspect. MY JAM Y'ALL MY JAM.

I also binge watched Chef's Table. The chefs of every episode were so interesting and inspirational. Seriously give props to these people, they're incredibly hard-working. 

After my inhuman obsession with bread, the next thing you should know about me is my deep love for Trader Joe's. I stalked this Instagram page dedicated towards recipes using all Trader Joe's ingredients for who knows how long. 

Loved this blurb on the symbolic significance of coffee. Paired perfectly with the yummy donuts

How cute is this mug cake?!?

Who knew that talking about constipation would be a casual conversation at a honey vendor in France. 

This post on Joy the Baker was so relatable. I definitely feel like a lazy potato more often than not, and hate myself for it. But everyone has their potato phases. Remind yourself of the qualities that make you a sparkling diamond encrusted potato that slays.

Maybe I should have written my college essays on Trader Joe's?

things i've been pinning
I've been wanting to cook/bake with tahini for the longest time, and these muffins sound delicious.

Can't get over these crumb shots. Also, pineapple and banana? YES.

I am head over heels for this flavor combination.

No words.

Craving this fried rice like no other.

the weekly trader joe's
I completely forgot to take a picture because I inhaled it immediately right after it came out of the oven, but Trader Joe's Arugula PIzza is BOMB. The ingredients are super simple, but are all the right ones. The pizza was so flavorful, and the sweetness of the roasted cherry tomatoes is to die for. Trader Joe's, you never fail to capture my heart.

Thanks for reading! Go treat yourself to an ice cream cone.


  1. umm i definitely wrote college essays on trader joe's #sorrynotsorry
    also this blog (and you) make me v happy
    also also have fun at berk!! cant wait to see what school you end up picking

    1. HAHA omg i would love to read them
      thanks so much grace!! you're gonna kill it at purdue :)

  2. OMG I NEED TO WATCH COOKED! also LMAO are you secretly a french honey vendor bc I feel like you would strike conversations about constipation on the regular ;) SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR CAL DAYYY <3