Tuesday, March 29, 2016


(I know it's not Friday, but I forgot to post it lol)

The first of the many TGIFs to come! I've thought a lot about what to name this series of posts where I share what I've been loving the past week, and I finally decided on TGIF. Ever since my friends have established Friday Hoeday/Trader Hoe day, Friday has definitely become my favorite day of the week BY FAR. It's so fun to dress snazzy for once after the past week of prioritizing MAXIMUM COMFORT, aka sweat pants and hoodie. Especially when you see all your friends looking so fine they could KILL. I love it. AND TRADER HOE DAY! Just being in the presence of that blessed store brings up my mood by infinite levels. If I buy something from TJ's, which is more often than not, I will be sure to share my thoughts on it on these posts. 

Enough with the rambling! Here are some of the things I've been loving.

link love:
How unbelievably GORGEOUS are these smoothie bowls? The photography is sooo creative.

Never thought about adding marshmallows to cake, but this is the way to do it. 


This story is so inspirational. Trader Joe's makes this world a better place.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Anthropologie. I need everything in this photo, from the the plate to the pie.

How to bake bread while I sleep? I AM DOWN

Holy crap. Bread from the first century?!?!?

saltine crackers + pumpkin butter + cookie butter is a heavenly combination. Do it.

the weekly trader hoe's
A couple weeks ago I got the Kona Coffee Shortbread cookies from TJ's, but the pictures I took are on my phone which unfortunately started malfunctioning before I was able to transfer the pictures. But all things aside, THEY WERE AMAZING. Oh my god, you have to try them, especially if you're a coffee addict like me. The buttery shortbread was the perfect base for the wonderful coffee flavor that was infused throughout the cookie. I hadn't ever tried a dessert that used pure coffee grounds, but I am hooked. It adds such a pure coffee flavor that isn't buried with sweetness and sugar. The cookie itself really isn't that sweet, so the icing on the cookie completes the experience. I could go on and on about these, but I think you get the point. Get them on your next trip to TJ's!

After my friend Michelle pointed out the Ultimate Vanilla Wafers at TJ's to me, I couldn't get my mind off them. I am obsessed with anything vanilla, and the fact that these cookies actually had speckles of Madagascar vanilla beans running through them got me so excited. Of course, they did not disappoint. Right when I opened the tub, the wonderful, sweet fragrance of pure vanilla filled my nose. I couldn't stop smelling the cookies, they smelled that good. They tasted just as they smelled- pure vanilla flavor. As my friend Diane nicely phrased, like Nilla wafers on crack. A perfect afternoon snack with a little umph and flair. 


  1. love this <3 totally agree with your sentiments on TJ's and anthro and also, your cookie descriptions are making me drooooooool :( looking forward to more! and the next hoeday!!!!! :*

    1. YAAAAS just gotta get through 2 more days :))