Friday, February 26, 2016


My first post! AH!

I'm beyond excited to finally start a blog of my own! After discovering the incredible world of food blogging in middle school, I've always wanted to create my own blog where I can share my own delectable creations and love for food. Until now, I was hesitant to actually make one because I didn't think I could do it- writing has never been my forte, and consistently managing a blog seemed daunting. But after getting inspired by my amazing friend Michelle at chasing bagels, I finally drew enough confidence to make one! I'm so excited for the future of this blog and sharing my excitement for amazing things from brown butter to Trader Joe's with the world. 


  1. LOISSSSS!! this is such a cute post! can't believe you did this all in APAH HAHAH. I'm soo excited for the future of the butter stick blog and ps you should add some way that I can subscribe because I really want to. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! hmu for collabs ;;;)